Monday, January 21, 2008

Week 50 of Christmas - Scarf

My friend, Joanne, is issuing a weekly challenge for the 52 weeks before Christmas. The idea being that we can finish our gift making well in advance and stay motivated throughout the year. I like this idea and have made my list. I will do fine for the first month or 2 and then I will start to let other things interfere with my plan. I am hoping that Joanne and my other friends will keep me on task. This is the last day of Week 50 (we are doing a countdown) and I have just finished 1 gift. :)

I am finished with my first Christmas gift for the coming year. It is a simple crocheted scarf made with primary, secondary colors and black yarn. I love the fringe which is long. I hope the person this is intended for will appreciate the thought! For some reason, I never feel that my handmade gifts are good enough. I have already started a 2nd scarf which is going a bit slower since it is a new pattern.


  1. WooHoo! You are on a roll Susan! I love this scarf and cannot think the person to receive this would not appreciate it but then I am the scarf lady. :) It is a vice of mine to buy scarves.

    Great job!

    Hugs ~

  2. Very nice Susan. I love the colors with the black.

  3. Well, I love the scarf, Susan, and I think the person for whom this is intended is a lucky one. :o)
    You keep working on those gifts!

    Tammy in NE


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