Monday, May 26, 2008


So pretty they'll make you dizzy, these patriotic whirligigs spin in the wind. They're tacked to clothespins so you can clip them to anything -- like a bicycle basket. Cut two 5-inch squares in different colors from patterned paper. Glue back-to-back; let dry. Draw diagonal lines from corner to corner. Make a 3-inch cut along each line. Fold every other point toward center; glue. Affix to clothespin with map tack.

This idea is from Martha's website.


  1. These pinwheels are so cute. Just today I received a Christmas crafts book in the mail and when I was looking through it, I noticed that they used pinwheels made from Christmas design scrapbooking paper, put them on a popsicle stick, and then tucked them under the ribbon on packages that were wrapped in brown craft paper. Really cute!!!
    Hugs, Joanne

  2. neat idea...this gives me an idea to use for my 1st-3rd grade sunday school class. Thanks for the tip! :)


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