Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I love cats and have a few peeking out throughout my house.

These are wooden cats from the 1940s/50s. The 2 tallest ones belonged to Dennis' grandmother and was a wedding gift to us from his mother. The 2 smaller ones I found in a thrift store but they are the same beautiful wood.

This little orange kitten went all the way to Russia with us when we brought Deniska home. He was Deniska's constant companion during those first few years. He now resides in my office and comforts me when I need a hug!

The painted cat is from Perm, Russia. It's only been with us for a year. He was brought home with Nikolai and resides on top of my curio cabinet. He watches every thing and I call him Nikolai's Guardian Cat!

These two little fellas came all the way from Malaysia when my husband when on a business trip. I love them for their colors and that he thought of me. (He brought other things too but I love these cats!)

This kitten is a heavy metal little kitten who guards my valuables!

This little one just appeared one day. I don't know how he came to be with us!

This little black kitten has been with me the longest. He was a gift from my friend Charlene. His ears are beaten up from all the mice he has caught. He is very loved.

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog, and leaving a comment. I like your cats, they are all cute in their own ways. I enjoy your blog.


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