Monday, January 26, 2009

Bathroom make-over

I want to completely re-do my bathroom. I want to paint it a really pale blue. (This is after YEARS of trying to decide what color I want!) I like how these bathrooms look; I think the blue is just so soothing. It really doesn't "fit" with the rest of the house but that's OK too!

I really need a locked medicine cabinet. I didn't realize they were so hard to find until I started looking for one. I like this one alright but I would like to have a prettier one. I guess I will keep on looking!

I found this one that I like but it calls for assembly and my husband is not one to put things together. Guess I had better keep looking!

I hate my towel racks that I have now. I think I had rather have a hook for each of us instead of having towels all over the bathroom! Aren't these hooks sweet?

Or even one from Wal-Mart would do....

Now, to figure out the time to get this all done!!!!


  1. All the best in your quest for the "perfect" bathroom!! We've moved into a brand new house (not our own) and there's things that they could have done differently... and things missing... like hand towel hooks etc! Oh well!!! I love the photos!!!

  2. I love the colorful hooks. I didn't know they made locked medicine cabinets. Where have I been. I bet your bathroom will be beautiful. I love blue.

  3. Susan:
    I just added your counter to my blog, with Heidi's help. Thank you.

  4. Great ideas!
    -sandy toes
    do you live on the water?

  5. I never think to come to this blog too Susan. I have to add it to my favorites. I think it doesn't matter what color you use for a bathroom as long as it gives you a peaceful feeling. It is a room that should sooth and be a retreat. I say if you like the soft blue then it is perfect. I love the idea that each of you has a special hook to hang your towels.

    Hugs ~

  6. We redid our bathroom on a shoestring and I have to recommend a trip to IKEA for your makeover. I love the things you have pulled for inspiration and based on that I would say, pack your bags, fill the tank and go! They have great towel racks, loads of white ceramic and polished's a renovator's dream.=)

  7. oops, forgot to tell you...I keep all my medications in the kitchen. I don't like the thought of anyone who visits having time alone with my medications while they use my bathroom.
    and if you have a locked cabinet, will you strap the key to your jammies so you don't forget to get it to access your toothpaste? HMMM...that would be pretty funny, eh? I can't remember where the heck I left my car keys until I have my java...I would definitely not remember where I hid the keys to the medicine cabinet, LOL!


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