Saturday, January 3, 2009

Country cottage

I have often wondered what my decorating style would be called (if I had one). Today, I found a site that is all me! It is my colors and my style. I am Country Cottage. This does not surprise me since I live in the country and in a cottage! But seriously, it is what I like. The colors, the furniture, the comfort, etc....

This wooden dough bowl belonged to my grandmother. I have it filled with yarn balls. The cats, surprisingly, leave these balls alone. This is not to say that we have not had a few yarn balls unrolled all over the house!

Cottage Decorating colors are: most commonly the classic colors of Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. There is a variety of color combinations you can create with these basic colors. You can incorporate whites and creams to give this color scheme the fresh "cottage" look. Since I want to repaint a few rooms, this color palette will really help me as I move forward.

Country Cottage Decorating is definitely not a stuffy or formal look. It is a warm and inviting look.

As I looked around my house, I realized that I had many elements of that already in place. I just need to tweak the look. I really like this look as I think it will lend itself to my family easily. I want my home to be lived in and comfortable for all who live and visit there.

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