Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dress Kitchen Towel


I thought I would share with you my newest dress kitchen towel. My mom used to make these when I was a little girl and I always loved them. So, one day when surfing in blog land, I happened across a tutorial on Calamity Kim’s site and I thought I would make one. it is very easy and quick. I think it turned out very cute. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a little girl to sew for that I like sewing dresses for my kitchen?!!!

I might just have to make one for every season! Don’t you think that one of these and a crocheted dishcloth would make a cute present for someone who loved to bake? Any ideas??


Friday, June 25, 2010

Ribbon Bookmarks

A few posts ago, I showed you some earrings that I no longer wore. I stumbled across ribbon bookmarks on Bev’s site, Flamingo Toes. Don't you just love that name? Anyway, she is super talented and you need to check out her site. But, I digress. Here are my ribbon bookmarks. 100_6074

I am so excited to have two new ones for my Bible. We always have at least 3 scripture readings every Sunday and I am always one bookmark short. Now, I no longer have that problem. Isn’t my Bible just beautiful?!! 100_6078100_6077

Now, find some old earrings or charms, some ribbon, thread and make yourself some new bookmarks. You can always use bookmarks!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Dishcloths

Amid all the other projects I have going on, I decided I needed some new dishcloths for the summer. While watching TV last night, I crocheted two new dishcloths. 100_6073

Neither one of these is fancy – just single crochet stitches. I can’t wait to start using them. Once you wash dishes with a crocheted, or knitted, dishcloth you just are not happy with any other kind.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lend Me Your Ear…

or, at least your earrings!!  I have some lots of old earrings and jewelry that I never wear.  It always distresses me to see it not being used but I can’t bear to throw it out.  For example, these earrings.  


Not my style anymore but I love the colors and style.  Come back in a few days and see what I recycled these into.  By then, I hope to have it figured out!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Pretty Placemat Pillow

Before (a placemat from Big Lots):100_5963



I just love my new pillow – a few buttons, rick-rack, filler, and thread.  For less than $5.00 I have a cute, one-of-a-kind summer pillow! 

I'm linking to these fun parties this week, so click on the link here, here, and here to see what everyone else has been working on. See you next Friday!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Placemat pillow in progress


The pillow is coming along nicely.  I have most of the embellishment completed.  The pillow is stuffed and I only have to finish it up.  It is really cute.  I think you will agree with me when it is completed. 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Placemat opportunities


Don’t you just love this little placemat? I found it at Big Lots and it was the only one they had. I bought it knowing that I could do something with it. Originally, I thought about making a plastic bag holder but now I am leaning toward making a pillow out of it. It is lined so that is no problem. I think with a few additional embellishments, it would very cute as a pillow for the summer time. Check back with me to see what happens today as I decide what to do!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sunshine Award

A BIG Thank You to Adrienne for this Sunshine Award!

Here are the rules:
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Since only my friends read my blog, I give all of you this Sunshine Award! Please feel free to post it on your blog.