Wednesday, July 28, 2010

That's not the short of it!

I had cut out the boys four pair of shorts to make, including the ones shown above. When I was sewing these up, I thought they looked a little short in the crotch. Sure enough, they are really short in the crotch. Deniska assured me they were fine but I know better. I think he can probably wear them for a little while but not for long. I like this material. It's a nice seersucker and I expect it to be really comfortable to wear.

Fortunately, I had not sewn the others up so I was able to cut them out a little more. I was using a new pattern and found that it not true to size. Sometime, well most of the time, it's good to make one of something before doing all the others, if you are using a new pattern. I really didn't need a pattern for the shorts but every now and then, I like to use one. I hope to get the others made today. That will not happen if I don't get off the computer!

****Several hours later....another pair of shorts completed!!****

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A cover for my iPod

Dennis gave me a new touch iPod for my birthday back in March. I love this little contraption and use it daily. It occurred to me that I needed a cover/cosey/pouch for it when it travelled in my purse. So, yesterday, I decided to make one. I had this material by Susan Branch (which I love) and I had this pretty pink and brown that seemed to be just perfect. I sewed a ribbon to hold the flap. This works fine but I think on the next one, I will use a button or velcro. Still, it makes me happy.



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Monday, July 19, 2010

PURR-fect Journal Cover

Every year I buy a new Agenda for school. This is a necessity for me to keep up with all the meetings, conferences, etc… that are part of my job. I found this Agenda at Wal-Mart and just love it. It’s an academic calendar with lots of spaces to write for the month. It becomes my life-line as I juggle my family obligations and my job obligations. It is already quickly filling up for the months of July and August. I love the agenda but was not as happy with the plastic cover (although I liked the color.) I just felt that it needed a little more color. So, I decided to make a cover for it. I had some beautiful material that I wanted to use. 100_0189

I believe my friend Rhonda sent me this material that she found at a thrift store or a yard sale. It’s a Henry Alexander design and I just love it. I have been saving it for several years just waiting for the “purr-fect” project. Today, I finally decided that it would become my journal cover. I have a hard time using my favorite material. I used this tutorial to make the cover. It was not hard at all. It you can sew a straight line, you can make this cover. I did modify it a bit. Of course I added rick-rack because I love rick-rack.


I inserted a pocket on the inside of my cover. I am forever having papers that I need to keep up with, so I added a pocket on the inside.


I am sure this will bring me many years of service, as long as I replace the agenda with the exact same kind each year!

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Lizards, and trains, and dinosaurs – oh my!

100_0178    100_0177 100_0176

100_0180 These are all the shorts that I found that needed to be sewn.  Now, I can start on this year’s material.  I honesty didn’t think the boys would like the train print, but apparently it’s “way cool!”  My favorite pair is the lizard pair!  I love the colors.  I like the stripped pair too.  I like the colors in it as well. 

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Monkey business!


While I was cleaning my “sewing room” this past week, I found five pair of shorts that I had cut out but never sewed up for the boys.  This is one pair.  I love the monkey print!  Maybe it’s a Michael Miller print?  I am not sure. 


I love these too – paddle ball pattern.  I still have lizards, dinosaurs, and stripes to sew.  Maybe I will get to those tonight or tomorrow!  The boys are still at the age where they love for me to sew fun shorts for them.  Nikolai asked for pockets but that will have to wait for new shorts that I cut out.  I don’t know where the scraps are from these shorts. 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pocket Tissue Holder


I love using scraps to make little things like this pocket tissue holder. This is super easy to make and makes for a nice little gift to someone. And, of course, I had to use rick rack on it! I plan on making several of these for Christmas presents for the boys teachers along with a few other things.

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Clean Car is a Happy Car


Today, in between watching Deadly Women ( a series about women killers) I stitched up a trash bag for the back seat of the car.  I have the other one (for the other seat) ready to be sewn made and hanging on the other seat.  I didn’t have a pattern but I think this will work nicely.  When it gets dirty, it will be thrown into the wash.  This should keep my husband happy.  He gets greatly distressed over the amount of trash in my back seat generated by two 9-year-old boys!!