Friday, May 11, 2012

Plant life at the cottage

I figured you all were tired of looking at knitted dishcloths.  So, I thought I would share with you some pictures from the yard.  This is my tomato plant.  It already has some tomatoes on it.  I went back to container gardening this year since the deer ate all my tomato plants last year!

This is my green pepper plant.  We have already had 2 bell peppers from it this week.  They were delicious in chicken fajitas!  Yummy!!

Just a shot of the tomatoes that are rippening.  Can't wait for my very first tomato sandwich of the season.

I had transplanted some of my lamb's ear last summer and I was afraid they did not make it.  But, they did and are doing fine.  In a few years they will spread all over this area. 
I just love this little plant.

And, all of my gardenia bushes are blooming their little hearts out.  I have 3 bushes that are just covered in blooms.  Bless their hearts, I don't do anything to them.  They just bloom and bloom.

Hope you enjoyed this little break from yarn!