Tuesday, July 17, 2012

On the TABLE!!

 I finished my table runner that I have been working on!

Really it's the second table runner I started.  
(The first one is still waiting on me.)

I have lots of jeans that the boys cannot wear any longer.

I knew it was time to either do something with them or donate them.

My first thought was to make a blanket.  

But, I decided I would start with something simple first!

While surfing the web, I ran across this tutorial located here.

So, I cut my circles and used a charm pack to select my fabric.

It only took me a couple of days.  

I could have done it in one day if my family members would have quit interrupting me seeking advice from me!

 The nicest thing about this is that when N saw me using his jeans, he smiled from ear to ear and mention it to me. 

Since he is one not to express his thoughts or emotions, that was a huge step.

Of course, he also said it would make a "wicked scarf" or a cape!  

Back to the jeans, I did donate all the ones that were still in good condition.  I only kept the ones beyond repair.  

On the back, I used a variegated thread.  

I thought it would add more interest!

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Friday, July 13, 2012


 I found these little cross stitch pieces in the local thrift store for $2.  

I thought they were so pretty and deserved better than a thrift store cast off. 
So, I bought them and brought them home.

 I decided to make little pillows out of them for my table.

One more item marked off my 'to-do' list!!

I really like how they turned out!

As soon as I get my table runner finished (another item on my 'to-do' list), my basket will be ready to go on the table!

Or, maybe before!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

DIY Bracelet holder

I found this at a thrift store for 50 cents.  

He was practically begging me to take him home.

I notice that something is missing from his top -  a knob perhaps?

So being the kind heart that I am, I decided to take him home and upcycle him into something else.

Everybody deserves a new life every now and then - right?!

Enter bracelets.

I LOVE bracelets!  (Can you tell?!)

Do you see my cathedral quilt dresser runner that my mom made for me??  Isn't it beautiful!)

Seemed to me that I needed a bracelet holder for my bracelets.

So, out came the spray paint.

A few coats later and drying time. I have....

 a new bracelet holder!

It's so much better than all being jumbled together.  

It's a good thing!

I am linking this to Heidi's Make Do and Mend

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Let There Be Light - Cute light that is!

I love milk glass items and lamps.

I saw this sweet little lamp in a consignment store on a back shelf covered in dust.

This lamp was probably produced in the 1950's.

I couldn't leave her there, so I brought her home with me.
(My sweet husband could not believe I would spend money on her!!)

At first, she didn't want to light up.... 


So, I took apart the top and discovered one of her wires had come loose.

I tightened it up and she works very well.  
She just needed a little TLC!

I put her on my kitchen counter since I needed extra light in there and I don't like to use the overhead lights because it heats up the room.  And, who needs extra heat when it is 107 outside?!!!
 I still thought she was missing something.

So, I got out my glue gun and trim - more on that later.

I also wanted to hide her cord - it was not very pretty to look at and much too long for the counter.

 I made a cord cozy for her.  

I took a piece of cloth 4 inches wide (twice as long as I needed so it would ruffle).  

I sewed it up, turned it inside out and put it on the cord. 

I also tied the cord with yarn to make the cord shorter. 

And, here she is!  

Trim on her lampshade and a nice cozy for her cord! 

She is very happy right now!!

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