Thursday, January 3, 2008


This is Izzy (short for Isadore) who is 6 months old. He has come into our cottage and managed to take over in just a few short months. He is so sweet! I look at this picture and am reminded of what is important in life.

1. Take adavantage of the warmth from the sun

2. Take a nap when you can

3. Hide your head and reflect when things get overwhelming

I think that is a very good lesson for all of us!


  1. Hi Susan, your new blog looks like lost of fun.
    Our dog Theo also searches out the sun for his spot to sleep in. I leave our bedroom blinds open while we are at work and he has a big sunny spot to sleep.

  2. Izzy looks very relaxed and comfy :) Isn't it great how our kitties get into the cutest positions??
    ~ Joanne


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