Monday, January 5, 2009

2nd Christmas Ornament

Boy, I am on a roll this month! This is my 2nd cross stitch ornament that I have finished this year! With my goal of 12, I am only 10 away. This is free pattern from Tanya at The Honeysuckle Tree. I just had a very small scrap and had to rework the "V" to make it fit on the cloth! Still, I like how it turned out. Now, on to the next ornament. I have ordered some patterns and am waiting for them to come in. I just know that I have something here that I can start while I am waiting for them come....


  1. Wow, Susan! You're really on a roll with all you've been stitching. It's a good thing, since before you know it January and February will be gone, and then stitching time is over, teehee. Really, you've been doing some really nice work and I love the way "Believe" turned out!!

  2. Thanks Joanne! I keep thinking that February will soon be here and I will quit stitching for another year! LOL!! Hopefully this year I will stitch longer - at least through March!

  3. Your Believe ornament is adorable. I used to do a lot of cross stitch but haven't for many years, maybe I should do some this year.

  4. Oh wow, you are so creative! Where do you find the time with two boys running around? *chuckles* I have one fifteen month old and I barely have time to knit a round a day!


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