Monday, March 23, 2009

Christmas ornament #5

Well, I am on a roll! I have actually completed 5 cross stitch ornaments for next year (that's about 3 more than I ever have before!!) This one is designed my friend Heidi, who is an incredible talented person. Please check out her blog, Needle Necessities, to see how this should look! Don't judge her talents by my work. My apologies to her for my ornament. She offers a free pattern on the 15th of every month. I just love her work! This was February's ornament. I'm a little behind.

Now, let me explain about this ornament. I did not have the color of cloth that I wanted to use to cross-stitch this ornament. As I was going through my box of cross-stitch fabric, I found some waste canvas and thought that I should use it. (I am really trying to use my stash of crafts before buying new stuff!) *sigh* Anyway, this did not turn out how I imagined but I think it will be fine on a tree.


  1. I think this ornament is very sweet and will look lovely on your Christmas tree!

  2. I love blue and I think this is perfect. Heidi will be thrilled when she sees it. You have to make them in your own way and I really love what you did with this.

  3. I refuse to accept your apology! Why you ask? Because I love what you did! How cute that is to have it on the snowflake fabric! I think it looks great. The ribbon and buttons are so cute. So do not apologize but let me instead say thank you for making my pattern AND that I just love seeing your finish.

    Hugs ~

  4. I agree with Heidi, yours looks great!

    I've got a great big piece of waste canvas too. Years ago I did some cross stitch sweatshirts for me and initials on hankies for Jeff and my dad.
    Maybe I should plan some projects around it.

    And I am so impressed, 5 gifts already!

  5. I absolutely LOVE this one!!!!!


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