Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More bedrooms

I love this bedroom. I love the colors, the afghan, just everything. It's a little too "girly" for my husband. I don't think he would enjoy sleeping in a pink room. I don't think I could get the boys to go for it either.

Notice the change in the feel of this bedroom by just changing a few accessories.

I really like this but I would not want to sleep under it every night. I would be afraid the thing would fall on me. I think I will keep my tree limbs outside....

I like the bench at the end of the bed. Don't know about the cowboy boots....

This is something I can do! I have everything I need to do this except maybe the picture hanging from the plate over the mirror. I feel sure this is very "stylish" but it's not my style. But I love everything else.

I just think this is very comfy and inviting. It's a shame that it's not my colors. And, my Siamese kitten would climb those curtains every time she walked by them.


  1. My favorite is the one with the cowboy boots! We have a bench in our entryway and we line up our boots like that, our snow boots! LOL! I can't be bothered to remove the boots until summer and then they return with the first snowfall.
    I love the tree one too, and like you would rather keep my tree outside so that was what canceled that one out. plus, can you imagine dusting that thing? Hello!
    GP lived in a pink room for eight years. The paint chip read sand, the paint itself screamed pink. My husband teased me so I kept it, LOL! GP didn't cere either way, he had better things
    on his mind. Now his room is blue and he still doesn't care,hahaha! Oh, mind you the paint chip was cloudy sky and it was supposed to be gray (research shows gray stimulates creativity), but if that room is not "clear blue skies on a sunny day", I'm Santa! LOL!

  2. I love the bed in the picture with the tree limbs. I'm like you, I would be afraid the limbs would fall, but it sure looks great.
    Every room is pretty though.

  3. There are things I like about every one of those bedrooms! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I have a bench at the end of my bed. I need to take some photos again of my bedroom and post them. It is practical to have a bench at the end of your bed. You would love it. I love all these quilts on the beds in the photos. I layer my quilts too. Again...need to show you. :-)

    Hugs ~

  5. Great bedrooms! Hey, you won my giveaway! Email me your address at so I can mail your jewelry!

  6. Hi:) I found your blog through the Modest Sewing directory. I love all your pictures! God Bless


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