Monday, March 2, 2009

candles and love

I found these scented Bill Blass candles and LOVE sign at Big Lots for almost nothing. I just love the look of both. The candles were in a pack of 6 for just a couple of dollars. I think the wooden LOVE sign was less than $5. I thought both were a good buy, especially since I had seen them both at high end stores for much, much more!!


  1. Hey, they were a really good buy. I never think to stop in Big Lots, guess I should. I know lots of ladies find great things at the Dollar Tree too.
    Hope your day is going well.

  2. Good eye for value. Yes, that was a good buy. I have seen the block letters for much more than that. I LOVE block letters and have quite a few in my home too. Because GP is autistic and very literal I have "subtle" signs in my house to remind him of things...."Give Thanks", "Be happy", "thou shall not whine" and so forth. THey look good but serve a purpose.... they are one of my favorite things. =)

  3. Hi, Susan in SC. I am Susan in NC, and I enjoyed visiting your blog today!
    You have some great ideas. I especially liked the floral arrangement in the old wooden purse!
    S: )

  4. We finally have a Big Lot's near me, but I rarely think of going in. I guess I should make it a fairly regular stop on my shopping route. Your items were lovely!


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