Sunday, March 22, 2009

New flooring??....Maybe!!

We talked to a local flooring contractor about installing wooden floors in our house yesterday. We have saved our money to make some home repairs. Our current carpet is 13 years old and is really ready to go out the door. I am thinking that wooden floors and no curtains may really help with my allergies. So, we are looking at this expenditure as a health issue as well. The best part of all is that this will be an all cash transaction. We are really careful not to go into debt for any thing.
I know the cats will enjoy walking across the floor hearing their little paw click. The boys will enjoy it to roll their cars (which works much better on wood than carpet.) I do worry about the noise factor. We will have to get some large rugs to help with that. We have a local thrift store that will have something that we can use until we save up for what we want, or we can live with it just as it is. I am really excited to get started on our house repairs/upgrading. I think we will work on this for about 5 years to get everything done that I want. This year, the floors. Next year, the bathrooms. The 3rd year, new counters in the kitchen. The 4th - 5th year, build a garage (maybe)!


  1. You leave the nicest comments, thank you so much. I love this floor. I would love to have hard wood floors, but can't seem to make myself get them done. Your house is going to be a showplace for sure.

  2. We r doing the same thing at our house one thing at a time and paying cash. It's hard when you want it all done at once but it's better than going into debt or paying all that interest on a loan. Glad to see there are others doing the same. So many just throw it on a credit card, I've learned my lesson from that! Good luck with your floors. I am putting hardwoods in my office next month CANT WAIT!


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