Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Show & Tell

Tonight I would like to share with you a framed piece of art - 3 tatted Christmas ornaments. These are well over 100 years old. They were tatted by my uncle's great aunts. Now my uncle, who if he were alive would be 90 something, gave these to me when I was a very young child. He had bought them from his aunts for a quarter a piece when he was a young man. The "aunts" made their living by tatting, lace making, and other handmade crafts which they would sale. These ornaments had been in his family for many years. My mother had the wisdom to have them framed.

I leave this art up all year long for I love it! It is in my study and I can look at it every day. It always brings a smile to my face since I appreciate the workmanship used in these pieces.

I believe the art of tatting is being lost in today's fast, automated society. I wish I knew how to do this lovely art form. I have several framed tatted pieces that I will share with everyone over the next year.


  1. Susan, these are beautiful! And what a wonderful heirloom to be given. I would enjoy them year-round also!

  2. Wow, what treasures these are. how wonderful to have something that some ancestors made so long ago. I would keep them up all year too, they are fabulous.

  3. They are very pretty and look like they were made just yesterday.I would also display them year round.What a treasure to have and display!

  4. Tatting is on my list of skills to learn. LimonVerde, another blogger, has actually been teaching herself, and it just looks too cool. :p


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