Thursday, March 20, 2008

Some of my favorite things

The red and white pitcher in the background was a wedding present to my mother when she married in 1938. That makes it at least 70 years old this year. It is in perfect condition.

Embroidered pieces from my mother. She made these in the 1940s.

Antique salt and pepper shakers. The turkey on the right hand side is made from a walnut. You could push his tail and his head would go down. My Uncle Furman gave it to me one Thanksgiving when I was a young child.

A collection of plates from my Aunt Pauline and Mama.


  1. What a joy it is to have these things Susan!! Cherish them always (I know you will and do)....

    Linda in VA

  2. It is such a treat to have special family pieces like these. I love the red and white pitcher of your mothers! But I love everything you shared. Those plates are so pretty. I have a couple of my mother's dresser scarves and she made some more for me a few years ago. They are so nostalgic looking.

    I am glad you mentioned to look at the teapot pillow as I now am here to catch up with you on this blog.

    Hugs ~


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