Saturday, April 12, 2008

Window Boxes

I really want window boxes for the front of my house. It would take 3 boxes across the front. I was stunned to see how much they cost!! They average from $98-$138 dollars. That's not counting the soil, plants, hardware, etc... Let's say that $150 would cover all costs - that would be $450 for 3 boxes and plants. A little too steep for my likes right now. I could make the boxes myself for less than $30. The problem with that is if the boxes are not built and installed just right, it can cause lots of damage to your house from water. I will have to think on this project. Still, I think they would be pretty....


  1. Visit an unfinished furniture store. Winf=dow boxes are considered "seasonal" items and you can find them for less than $30 ea. scroll work and all. If however, you decide to make your own, all you have to do is take the drill to the bottom of the boxes. Drill holes across the bottom board, don't be stingy with the holes. You're better off having too many than too few. Use some door screen fabric (found at Home Depot) or other mesh fabric to screen the holes and make sure you don't lose all your dirt. My "le cheapo" boxes are about seven years old, and the only issue I have is that I have to water them daily...but sure beats needing new siding, LOL!

  2. You can see my "le cheapo" boxes here. I bought some Barn Red Deck Stain and gave them 3 coats...haven't peeled or chipped yet!
    search : window boxes


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