Saturday, May 10, 2008

A new dress for me!

I have had sewing on my mind a lot lately. I don't know why I have decided that I wanted to sew a dress. I haven't made a dress in years and years! It just seemed like a good thing to do. I imagine it's because my mom always made me a new dress on Mother's Day. Our dresses would match and I was so proud. I always wore a red rose and she wore a white rose.

I selected this pattern (Simplicity 2929) because I wanted something simple and quick to make. I already had fabric that I could use. It only took a few hours to make the dress. I choose View C, which is the solid light green dress on the pattern front. It would have been a lot quicker if I hadn't had help from Deniska. He hung over my shoulder and asked a zillion questions.

It has side pockets but they hang too low for me; I'm not happy with them at all. I won't put them in the next dress I make using this pattern. I already have 2 pieces of fabric picked out; I might just make another one tomorrow. I think this is the perfect summer church dress.

The dress is pressed and hanging on the bathroom door just waiting to be put on tomorrow morning for church. I do admit that I am excited about having something new to wear. I will try to post a picture of the dress tomorrow.

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  1. Susan, there is no reason why you can't move the pockets higher before you stitch the side seams.

    I used to make dresses similar to that for school and for my mum.

    You probably will have to do the instructions in a different order but I used to sew the shoulder seams, pin the side seams then put the dress on and mark where the pockets wanted to be then.



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