Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Easy Centerpieces

To me, the simplest of centerpieces are always the prettiest. I found these easy centerpieces at the Better Homes and Garden site. All of them are easy to make with items on hand. The first one is my favorite.

Isn't this pretty?

I like this one because it would be so versatile. You could use corn or any other filler like small stones, dried beans, berries, etc....

This would be my boys' favorite. They love rocks. I really like the idea of the blessing rock. Simple, simple, simple!

And, I like this idea because I love baskets. Again, this would be simple and easy to do!


  1. All of these are very pretty! Thanks for showing them to to us:)
    Linda C

  2. They are all very attractive! My favorite is probably the first on.

  3. Love the one in the glass container. You are can be adapted for any season. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Very creative ideas--I especially like the simple candle in the corn one!

  5. Ooohhh! You make me want to go and dig out some candles and some rocks (or corn). So simple yet so pretty!

    Thank you for living a comment on my blog. Staying focused on the decluttering process is hard. Usually, I find myself in la-la land as I get distracted thinking about that sentimental item, that thought leads to another thought and before you know it....I am sitting in the kitchen drinking a diet pepsi and reading a book!

  6. Thanks for sharing your great ideas! I love the corn and rock one the best.

  7. How pretty! Love the one with corn, how creative and simple! Thanks for the inspiration! ~Rhonda

  8. These are all so simple, yet so pretty too...what great ideas.



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