Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stitching Progress

I've been working away on this Lizzie Kate December Flip It pattern. I, of course, have changed almost every color because I believe in using the colors I have on hand. Originally, I thought this would be a nice ornament but now I think it will be too big. I could stitch each little picture as an ornament - something to think about.....

If I could stick with one craft project, I might make more progress. I also did some knitting this morning. I can hear the sewing machine calling my name. *sigh* Too many projects, too little time. These people I live with think I should cook, clean, talk to them, give them hugs and kisses; they just don't understand.


  1. Ha-ha! That is so true in my house as well. Many projects on the go keep you excited about what you are doing I think. Well, it's an excuse anyway! Jo xo

  2. Oh Susan, you are such a crafty thing! You accomplish so many different things, and me, I can't even get started! LOL

  3. Lizzie Kate patterns are awesome! I have a few of hers. Makes me want to go find them and start one!!! Beautiful stitching!!! Would you mind emailling me with your details for the Pay It Forward - want to get organised and get something off to you shortly! :) Thanks heaps! :)

  4. Susan, I also adjust the thread colors to whatever I have on hand. It seems silly to buy more thread when I have trays full of it already.


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