Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wanted: 1 more person

Sharon and Tammy have signed up for my Pay It Forward. This is a great idea to be able to give someone a little handmade gift... not a big price to pay for making some one's day! I signed up at Farmyard Crafts blog. This is my 2nd PIF. I rec'd an apron as a PIF from Rhonda and still enjoy wearing it every day!

The rules are simple. To the first 3 people who post a comment to this post, I will make you a lovely handmade gift each. But, you have to have a blog yourself, and be willing to pass the 'pay it forward' concept on. So you will then have to put it on your blog and make three gifts for other people. Let's spread some happiness and have some fun! The rules state that I have 365 days to make a gift and send it to you. I'm more than happy to send something internationally - so everyone can be involved!!

What better way for everyone to join hands around the globe and share our crafty goodness!!!So... get typing, leave a comment and even if you aren't in the first three... it doesn't hurt to start your own chain of PIF's!!

What do you say? Still room for 1 more!!

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