Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Curtains


I like my new curtains much better. It makes the kitchen seem much bigger and lighter. I was just so tired of the old curtains (which had been hanging up in the kitchen for 13 years!) When we bought them, they were expensive and heavy. These new curtains are so light and hangs pretty compared to the old curtains. The pink curtains are on their way out of the house!
And, in the bathroom, I bought new shower hooks and a new shower curtain. They look so much better than the hooks that had been hanging up for the past 14 years. I also bought a new bath rug but it's too big and fluffy for the door to open. So, I will have to work on that.

close up of shower hook...


  1. I like both new treatments.

    I just got a new shower curtain, mine is solid brown but I want to get some fancier hooks for it.
    Our great minds think alike, huh?

    hope you have a good week, Susan.

  2. The new curtains are beautiful! I really like the softer look.

  3. I love your new shower hooks, I have never seen any like that. Your new curtains are really pretty and do really light up your room.

  4. The new curtains are so pretty! They make the space calmer and more soothing, I think.


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