Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wheelbarrow flowers

Remember back in June how I planted flowers in my daddy's old wheelbarrow? It looked like this. I was so proud of my Gerber daisies. Now, it looks like this! I can't even find the daisies anymore. I will have to plant them someplace else next year. I thought I would share these pictures before the first frost. It got close last night but it didn't frost. These flowers have been so pretty this year. I guess I really should replace them with pansies later on. Any other suggestions on what would look pretty?


  1. Your flowers are so pretty. I cannot grow any that don't just grow themselves. LOL. I have no green thumb at all.

  2. Susan..your flowers did really well in your daddy's wheelbarrow.I know you must hate to see the frost get them.


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