Saturday, March 27, 2010

I want a "Letty's Bag"

I was surfing the web and happened upon this purse pattern called Letty's Bag using grommets. Now, I have to make one. All I need is the pattern ($10), grommets ($13), a free motion quilting foot ($25), and time! I already have tons of material so that is no problem. Let's see, if I order all of the above, the purse will cost me $23 not including the free motion quilting foot. That's not too bad. Maybe, I will order it as a birthday present to myself! Don't you think this purse is adorable?! This is a picture from Robin's Quilt.

This is another "Letty's Bag" from Sue Salinger. It was also on Robin's site. So pretty!!!


  1. These are really cute! I hope you do make yourself one. Then make sure you show it to us! :o)

  2. Agreed - I love to see your handiwork! And what fabrics you'll choose.

  3. It is really cute, hope you do get to order all you need and make one in just the right colors for you. Good to hear from you again,.


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