Monday, June 20, 2011

Making Cloth Napkins

Tomorrow is the first day of summer and what better way to celebrate it than to make new cloth napkins?!  I have been on a cloth napkin kick lately since we seem to go through paper napkins like water in a bucket with a hole!  Now, I know some folks can make an argument over paper versus cloth but since I am washing towels anyway, I figure those cloth napkins are not going to take up much space.  And, besides, who doesn't love a nice cloth napkin?  

On our 10th anniversary we went to Hawaii and I bought this fabric around that time.  I had originally thought I would make D a pillowcase but never got around to making one.  I thought this was perfect for summer napkins!  Who wouldn't want to be in Hawaii?!!  And, it did use some of my stash that "he who does not understand why I have so much fabric" keeps pointing out to me.  *grins*
If you want to make your own cloth napkins, there are many excellent tutorials on the web.  Here are a few that I like:

I have plans to make lots more napkins this summer.   For today, I am linking to Heidi's Make Do and Mend Challenge.  Hope to see you there!


Sew Thankful you dropped by,


  1. Susan, these are just too cute!
    We are cloth napkin fans at this house too.

  2. Well, researches say that cloth napkins are only bad if you wash them in a load alone. Do people really do that??? They say there are those who do. I too love using cloth and only run wash when I have a nice full load so I figure I am saving the trees.

    Love your napkins! They are fun and very summer.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  3. I love these napkins. They will be a great addition to the start of summer!

  4. cloth napkins are the only way to fly! I find the best in garage sales....pristine and brand new!


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