Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hand-made Ornaments & Garland


I have been busy making ornaments this season.  My latest ones are made from Scrabble tiles.  I drill tiny holes in the top and bottom to do the beading and added a dough ornament at the bottom of the beading.  I made the boys' teachers all one with their last name on them. 


I made a photo ornament of each boy using their school picture.  The frames came from the Dollar Tree.  They are not very fancy but I like to see them on the tree.  Do you see my garland?  It's crocheted with gold jingle bells.  I took the yarn to school one day and had my students help me space all the bells in the yarn.  Good thing I asked the 9th graders to help me; I don't think my upperclassmen would have been as willing. 

 You can see another scrabble tile ornament on the right side of this picture.

When Christmas is over (or when I have a chance - which ever is first), I plan to write the year on the picture frame.

I'm linking to Heidi's Make Do and Mend since I had all the supplies on hand to make these ornaments.  Of course, I had to have bought them at one point.  So, maybe I should say that I just used my stash!

PS - I have had several questions about my Scrabble tiles.  I ordered a 100 tiles from Amazon.  No Scrabble game was hurt in this process.  I will be looking at thrift stores for some more tiles.  Secondly, I use a vice to hold the scrabble tile while I drill a hole in the end.  I did not want my fingers in the way!


  1. The scrabble tile ornaments are a fantastic idea. I'm going to have to visit the thrift stores more often this year, Lord willing, and see if I can find a Scrabble game to use for this purpose!

  2. Dear Susan,

    I LOVE the picture ornaments of your children! How've ya been?

    Have a Blessed and Holy Christmas!


  3. Love it all! The frame ornaments are great and will be a wonderful way to remember the boys this Christmas. The scrabble tile ornaments are FABULOUS! That is so cute but did you use your scrabble game for this and now you cannot play scabble? Lol. That garland shows up so well on your tree. I LOVE that white tree and would like to see your trees as a whole.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  4. Love the scrabble ornaments!! Where did you find all the scrabble tiles and how did you not puncture your fingers putting the holds in the top of them!

    Linda in VA

  5. What a wonderful Idea. I love scrabble but never thought of this use for the letters. You are very clever. I bet your tree is just beautiful. The garland is so pretty too.
    Have a great Christmas.


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