Friday, May 11, 2012

Plant life at the cottage

I figured you all were tired of looking at knitted dishcloths.  So, I thought I would share with you some pictures from the yard.  This is my tomato plant.  It already has some tomatoes on it.  I went back to container gardening this year since the deer ate all my tomato plants last year!

This is my green pepper plant.  We have already had 2 bell peppers from it this week.  They were delicious in chicken fajitas!  Yummy!!

Just a shot of the tomatoes that are rippening.  Can't wait for my very first tomato sandwich of the season.

I had transplanted some of my lamb's ear last summer and I was afraid they did not make it.  But, they did and are doing fine.  In a few years they will spread all over this area. 
I just love this little plant.

And, all of my gardenia bushes are blooming their little hearts out.  I have 3 bushes that are just covered in blooms.  Bless their hearts, I don't do anything to them.  They just bloom and bloom.

Hope you enjoyed this little break from yarn!


  1. Your "garden" looks good! Still waiting on my peppers to take off.

    Sure wish I could smell that gardenia... I just love them!

    Happy stitching...

  2. Your plants all look wonderful! I'm so jealous of you gardenias....they're my favourite!

  3. I can imagine how wonderful those gardenias smell. Your tomato and pepper plants are beautiful!

  4. I'm jealous of your ripening tomatoes already. They look tasty!
    I imagine those gardenia bushes smell heavenly.

  5. Thanks for inviting me to visit your blog. Your plants are lovely. I can almost smell the white gardenia blossoms.


  6. Susan..I love gardenias.They smell so good and were my mother's favorite flower.Don't think they are hardy enough to grow here in our area.We had a gardenia bush when we lived in the St.Louis area and it didn't fare too well with the harsh winters there.

  7. The joys of being in a southern area...gardenias in your garden. You are doing well if you are already harvesting veggies. We are going to try some but have still not even planted the seeds yet. It is so cold here still. Wish I could stop by for a tomato sandwich with you. :-)

    Hugs from Holland ~

  8. Susan, I have planted one gardenia bush but it hasn't bloomed this year. It looks a little sickly so I obviously have it in the wrong place. The scent of gardenias always reminds me of my grandmother. I hope you are getting plenty of tomatoes and peppers by now. Nothing like the taste of a home-grown tomato! Happy Summer to you and your family.

  9. I LOVE lamb's ear! I had a monster patch of it but for some reason it didn't come up this year. I was so heartbroken.

    You might consider using a product called LiquidFence the keep deer, rabbits, etc away. I've used it for four years now. It smells horrible when you spray it but the scent only lasts for a few minutes. It comes designated for various animals. I'm going to try the one for dogs to see if it will keep my doggie out of my garden. And it's all natural so it perfectly safe for use on vegetables. That's what it says on the package anyway.


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