Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pinterest Project – Fail

I have decided that I need to start doing something every week that I have pinned in Pinterest.  This week, I decided to organize my yarn.  Here you see a picture of a beautiful way to not only organize your yarn but to be very pleasing to the eye.  I thought, “I can do this!  I have everything I need!”

For My Love of Yarn website

So, Thursday morning, I emptied the shoe organizer and made way for the yarn.  I spent hours going through yarn, sorting, carefully putting colors and/or weights together.  It was so fun.  And, when I finished, it looked just as nice as the picture above!  I was so proud.  Then, it happened…

Enter sweet, innocent-looking  Oscar!

Yep, you are right.  This cat went crazy on me.  He waited until I turned my back and stole a skein of yarn, ran to the living room, and proceeded to have his way with it!  Poor yarn.  I rescued the yarn, told him no, and put the yarn back.   Problem solved!  I am feeling pretty proud of myself by now.  I went to the kitchen, came back out to the living room, and he had yet another skein of yarn!!  We went through that whole process about four times until I had the bright idea to close my closet door!  (I am a little slow!) 

Thinking that solved the problem, I got up this morning, took my bath, and got dressed for work.  Yep!  You are right!  Right there, on the rug, was Oscar again with a skein of yarn!  I give up!  While this is a lovely way to store yarn, it does not work in a household with cats!!  So, back into the storage tub the yarn will go! 



  1. Maybe it should be titled entertain your kitty, I do not have a kitty so maybe I will try this.

  2. This is why I don't have cat's well, that and allergy's. All the yarn did look so nice and colorful while it lasted.


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