Sunday, May 11, 2008

My new dress

Here's a picture of my new dress that I made yesterday.
The fabric is floral with blue and red flowers on a yellow background. I think the fabric was given to me. So, my dress cost me $5 and that was for the price of the pattern. I did buy 2 more pieces of material but they were both $1.50 a yard for a grand total of $12 for 2 dresses - a good deal!


  1. Susan, I really like this dress and I am sure you looked very pretty in it.
    I used to sew most all of my clothes but have not made anything in a few years. But I bought 3 top patterns on sale for 99 cents each 2 weeks ago and do plan on sewing up some summer tops soon.

    Our great minds do think alike, dont they? :)

  2. Susan,

    Love the dress! It is just my style - the fabric, the cut of it, everything! Can I have it - huh huh?! LOL!

    Linda in VA

  3. Your dress is very pretty. This is my first visit to your blog, and I am going to be looking around. You visited my blog yesterday and left a comment on my sewing room. I am an empty nester now, and have a nice area to sew in, although it is also guest room, and extra bedroom for snoring nights. I can sure remember sewing at the table, and in the master bedroom. I am jealous that you still have the pleasures of raising your children. By the looks of your pictures, I think that your children are the ages that I wish I could revisit with my children. There are a lot of pressures, but they are at an age when they still like to spend time with you, and they are such little friends. Thank you for visiting my blog, and now I will spend some time enjoying yours.


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