Friday, July 25, 2008

Christmas in July

I have been busy crafting for Christmas in July! I made 2 items that I am especially proud of - magnets and post-it note holders. Both were so easy and were fun to do! I will be making these for the boys' teachers for Christmas. I may make theirs to be non-holiday so they can use them all year. These two things were made for a Christmas in July swap with my friend Tammy.


  1. You sound like a kindred spirit. I am reading through your blogs and laughing to myself...."this lady sounds like me..." How interesting! I am near to your age (I'm 51), love crafting and quilts and cross-stritch and nature, have a cat, a teenaged daughter, and live in NYC. Also, I am a Christian (Methodist, but my daughter was raised Catholic). I was also very close to my mom, whom I lost a number of years ago, and also "lost" 2 brothers (long stories there...). I would love to chat with you. My screenname is, and my realtime name is Wendy. Hope to hear from you! Your blogs are delightful!

  2. Susan - I wondered if you made those things. Now they're that much more special to me. :o)

  3. Susan, you are so smart to start early. I did the past few years, but this year I haven't been able to get going. On Google Reader it showed a post 'Ruthie', which I'm not seeing here, and I just wanted to say that she is beautiful. I lost my mother this past April, and I understand that there are some beautiful things that seem to be respectful and comforting rememberances, and loving must haves.


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