Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Handmade cards

I been working on some handmade cards. I didn't realize how soon I would need one. A former student of mine was taken to the hospital and will be there until they can determine his illness. He is only 15 and the sweetest boy ever! Please pray that he will be well soon. I was so glad that I had a card on hand to send him.


  1. Susan, that is a really cute card and perfect for a teen boy.

    Yes, I will be praying for his quick recovery

  2. Thank you Rhonda. I think they are leaning toward a diagnosis of cancer. I haven't heard from the mom since early this morning.

  3. Oh Susan, that's so sad. I loved the card but I just read your reply and now I'm so sad. I will have him in my prayers.

  4. Dre - thank you for your prayers. I know his family would appreciate that very much!


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