Sunday, September 19, 2010

Almost 2 months!! Oh my!!

I am beyond speechless that it’s been almost two months since I posted anything here. My goodness, where did the time go???

I went to a quilt show yesterday and was amazed at all the beautiful quilts. I think there were 200 quilts there as well as vendors. I did not buy anything – good for me!!

Here are some pictures of the quilts that I especially liked. I was amazed at the talent and the number of wall hanging. What I didn’t see was a lot of traditional quilts. That disappointed me. It seemed most of them were more fiber art than actual quilts that you could use. Still, it was an enjoyable afternoon.

100_0291 100_0292 100_0293


This quilt was made by my friend, Gil. He was our Industrial Arts teacher until he retired. He and his wife discovered quilting. He pieces the quilts and she quilts them. How cool is that?!

100_0295 100_0296 100_0297 100_0298 100_0299 100_0300 100_0301 100_0302 100_0303 100_0305 Another quilt mde by Gil. This one is a wall hanging.100_0306 100_0307 Love this made with selvages from the material!!100_0310 100_0311 100_0313 100_0314 100_0316