Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tea Snob

I admit it, I'm a tea snob. I didn't know that I was a tea snob until yesterday. I'm one of lucky people whose husband actually helps in the house. One of the things Dennis does is to make all our tea. We have never been brand loyal on tea and I usually just pick up whatever tea is on sale. I guess that is why I have not noticed it. Tea is tea after all, right? Wrong! Yesterday, I got a glass of sweet tea and it was truly "nectar of the gods"! It was so good that I think I drank a whole gallon by myself. It turns out to be Lipton decaffeinated tea. It is so good. So, no more off brands, just Lipton in my house!


  1. Lipton decaf is also the only kind of tea we drink at my house. I actually get the best price by buying it from Amazon on sale. One order usually stocks us for a year!

  2. Thank you Dawn, for the tip!

    Yes, Susan - your blogger-buddies agree on tea!!!

    I like the fact that there's a clean, no after-taste. Having some right now!

  3. Yes, we are lucky with Lipton, it is very good tea. Your flowers are just beautiful.

  4. The best tea is American Classic (grown in Charleston), but I have to drive to the boonies to get it and it is, ahem, cost prohibitive. Otherwise, it's all Lipton in our house, too. We live dangerously and go for the caffeine. Susan, I don't know if you shop at Publix, but every couple of months or so, they have Lipton family size bags BOGO.


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