Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gifts and Thrift shop finds

My mother-in-law, Joyce, gave me some Bath & Body products, Avon lotion, and an angel pin. Wasn't that nice?

She also gave me this Rosetti purse. I really like it. It's big, it's red, my new favorite purse color, and it's large enough for school. It even has a padded pocket for the new small 10" laptops. I might have to get me one of those just for this purse!

My sister-in-law, Deanna, gave me a bag full of clothes for the boys and a set of Adventures Odyssey videos. The boys are excited about those.

Deanna also took me to a thrift shop and I got several neat things. A Pier One cat rack, a vintage red purse, and 2 pillows.

The red purse needs to be cleaned and a vintage hankie needs to peek out of the side. It will be my Sunday purse. I don't know why I feel in love with this little purse. It just spoke to me.


  1. Hi:
    The gifts from your MIL are very nice. I have one of the little laptops. It is great when you travel. You thrift shop finds are nice too.

  2. Love it!! We stopped in Goodwill yesterday and they were having a book sale! Three giant bins of books at 50 percent off their already almost free prices. A little taste of what heaven will be like. :)


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