Friday, June 25, 2010

Ribbon Bookmarks

A few posts ago, I showed you some earrings that I no longer wore. I stumbled across ribbon bookmarks on Bev’s site, Flamingo Toes. Don't you just love that name? Anyway, she is super talented and you need to check out her site. But, I digress. Here are my ribbon bookmarks. 100_6074

I am so excited to have two new ones for my Bible. We always have at least 3 scripture readings every Sunday and I am always one bookmark short. Now, I no longer have that problem. Isn’t my Bible just beautiful?!! 100_6078100_6077

Now, find some old earrings or charms, some ribbon, thread and make yourself some new bookmarks. You can always use bookmarks!


  1. Susan these are adorable! I love that you used some old earrings - how creative. :) Is it ok with you if I add them to the "You've Made It" page on my site? :)
    And what you wrote was so sweet - thank you!

  2. I love anything handmade and/or repurposed - these bookmarks are beautiful!

  3. You certainly made good use of the earrings. Your bookmarks are just great and so useful too.
    Great work.

  4. VERY pretty! Nicely done, Susan.


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