Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Home is....

My friend, Gail, recently cleaned out her craft basket.  She gave me this cross stitch that she had bought in 1983.  It was a complete kit with cloth, pattern, and floss.  She had stitched part of the H in home.  I took that out, centered it, and started all over again.  It did not take long to stitch and I love what it says.  I think I will finish it as a wall hanging.  This is a large piece measuring 12x18 (cloth) and 7x14 (design).   

Tonight I want to start on a Christmas ornament.  My goal is to make one ornament per month.  I had better get busy if I want to make one for February.  


  1. That cross stitch is adorable! It will make a great wall hanging. I love it and the message is so precious!
    Hugs, Cindy

  2. I like this very much, Susan. Gail was wise to pick out a timeless looking kit too, with no geese or holstein cows that were so popular in the 80s.


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