Monday, May 30, 2011

Bookmarks for Teacher Gifts

It's time for those year end gifts for the boys' teachers.  In the past, we have given gift cards to each teacher.  This year, because there are so many of them and we are on a tight budget, I decided to make them something.  Being a teacher myself, I can tell you that I like the handmade simple gifts the best.  So, the boys and I made bookmarks for their teacher.  The top bookmark has each teacher's name on a map.  The boys glued the letters on for me.  On the back, they will write a note of appreciation to each teacher and sign their names. They will write something about the teachers helping them to find their way - that's why I used a map background.

This is a picture of the corner bookmarks that we are going to include as well.  We are not quite finished with them but I think they will be cute and I love the way the corner bookmarks hold your place in a book.  These take all of 5 minutes to make several of these.  So easy.

Best thing about these gifts is that they are useful and I had most of the material on hand.  I did buy the bookmark sleeves in the top picture. 

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Fabric Box Tutorial - Sorta

 Some time last year, I got an idea that I wanted a box for the boys to put their Wii games in instead of just stacked on the floor by the TV.  I had a basket but that quickly filled up with videos instead.  I found the perfect heavy duty box that I wanted to use.  For the past few months, this box and fabric was sitting in my bedroom floor waiting for me.  It was moved from corner to corner.  The box was filled up with miscellaneous objects and it had reached the place that either I do something with it or throw it out.  So, since I am totally stressed at work, instead of cleaning house, I just decided to cover this box - finally.  No need to clean my bedroom since I had this box that needed to be covered! 

This is by no means a tutorial since there are wonderful tutorials out there on the web.  This is how a stressed out crafty person does something while tending to boys, cats, a dog, and a husband (not necessarily in that order!)
Step 1:  Gather your materials - cloth, scissors, spray glue.  I laid the material out on my kitchen table.  Notice that I did not even iron the material.  This is a really durable, heavy material.  I drew the outline of the box bottom and then laid the box on it's side and drew those lines.  I then cut the material out leaving an inch or so on each side.

Step 2:  Go outside where it's 90 degrees in the hot sun!  Cover your table with newspapers - you don't want glue on your tabletop.  I sprayed the glue on the bottom on the box and spread the fabric out making sure to get out all the wrinkles.  You continue doing this all the way around your box.  Wrap it like a present and don't be afraid of getting a LOT little glue on your hands.  BTW, hand sanitizer works really well in getting the glue off your finger tips.  I assume it's the alcohol content in the sanitizer. 

Step 3:  There you have it!  All ready to be used.  I did put a piece in the very bottom of the box because I thought it would look nice.  
Step 4:  Fill with Wii games, listen to praise from your family at how clever and talented you are, and enjoy your box.  If your family does not praise you, pat yourself on the back and say all those nice things!  That's what I did!!

I don't expect the box to last forever.  But, since I have a whole $3 invested in it, it had better last at least a little while!  I suppose I could glitz it up with trim and wooden feet and I might still yet.  I haven't decided.  For right now, it's fine.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Newest Old Project

 I went to a Habitat for Humanity Resale store this morning and found this treasured buried in the craft bin.  I paid a grand total of $3 for him.  (I saw on this web site that it rare and selling for $19.99)  He's designed by Anna Krajewski.  I haven't been cross stitching lately but this just spoke to me.  Why would someone abandon him?  Did his previous owner die and  it was donated with her things?  (This particular Habitat store gets LOTS of estate items.)  Did someone realize they would never finish him and just wanted to get rid of him?  It made me sad for him.

I was pleasantly surprised when I peeked inside the package and it was already started.  This does not bother me at all since I always dread making that first stitch.  I rather like finishing him up for someone.  I think he must have come from the 1990's?  Seems like Teddy Bears were big then.  I will finish him and then gift them to someone who loves teddy bears.  Or, maybe I will make him into wall hanging.  We will just have to wait and see.

Happy stitching everyone!

Monday, May 9, 2011

My Son's Woodwork

When you are the mother of boys, you have to take crafts anyway you can get them.  This includes making slingshots.  I don't know why the sudden interest in slingshots.  He ventured down into the woods and found this perfect branch,  Then he skinned the bark - do you skin a tree?  Oh well, he found some skinny elastic in my craft basket and now he has a super duper sling shot.  He is thinking of selling them online.....

Please do not look at the closet behind him.  I didn't realize the closet door was open until I uploaded the picture.  By then, he was outside again.  It's hard to keep him inside during the warmer weather.