Monday, May 30, 2011

Bookmarks for Teacher Gifts

It's time for those year end gifts for the boys' teachers.  In the past, we have given gift cards to each teacher.  This year, because there are so many of them and we are on a tight budget, I decided to make them something.  Being a teacher myself, I can tell you that I like the handmade simple gifts the best.  So, the boys and I made bookmarks for their teacher.  The top bookmark has each teacher's name on a map.  The boys glued the letters on for me.  On the back, they will write a note of appreciation to each teacher and sign their names. They will write something about the teachers helping them to find their way - that's why I used a map background.

This is a picture of the corner bookmarks that we are going to include as well.  We are not quite finished with them but I think they will be cute and I love the way the corner bookmarks hold your place in a book.  These take all of 5 minutes to make several of these.  So easy.

Best thing about these gifts is that they are useful and I had most of the material on hand.  I did buy the bookmark sleeves in the top picture. 

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  1. Love these and we are doing fabric bookmarks as the Christmas in July project since I cannot get the d-rings I needed for another project. I love these and am sure the teachers will too. I saw patterns for corner bookmarks made of fabric somewhere online. I think anything handmade is more appreciated. In this busy world, people recognize that you took even a few moments especially for them. Hope the boys enjoy their last days at school this year.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  2. These are great Susan! You are so creative!

    Linda in VA

  3. What great gifts for the teachers. Something they can actually use too.
    I love the corner markers too. You have such good ideas.


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