Monday, May 9, 2011

My Son's Woodwork

When you are the mother of boys, you have to take crafts anyway you can get them.  This includes making slingshots.  I don't know why the sudden interest in slingshots.  He ventured down into the woods and found this perfect branch,  Then he skinned the bark - do you skin a tree?  Oh well, he found some skinny elastic in my craft basket and now he has a super duper sling shot.  He is thinking of selling them online.....

Please do not look at the closet behind him.  I didn't realize the closet door was open until I uploaded the picture.  By then, he was outside again.  It's hard to keep him inside during the warmer weather.


  1. very nice work, D.
    Boys do love slingshots and just about anything that will propel something else.

  2. I loved having my two sons,boys are so uncomplicated, and fun to bring up. Enjoy him all too soon he will have grown and gone.

  3. That is super, good job.


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