Monday, May 23, 2011

Fabric Box Tutorial - Sorta

 Some time last year, I got an idea that I wanted a box for the boys to put their Wii games in instead of just stacked on the floor by the TV.  I had a basket but that quickly filled up with videos instead.  I found the perfect heavy duty box that I wanted to use.  For the past few months, this box and fabric was sitting in my bedroom floor waiting for me.  It was moved from corner to corner.  The box was filled up with miscellaneous objects and it had reached the place that either I do something with it or throw it out.  So, since I am totally stressed at work, instead of cleaning house, I just decided to cover this box - finally.  No need to clean my bedroom since I had this box that needed to be covered! 

This is by no means a tutorial since there are wonderful tutorials out there on the web.  This is how a stressed out crafty person does something while tending to boys, cats, a dog, and a husband (not necessarily in that order!)
Step 1:  Gather your materials - cloth, scissors, spray glue.  I laid the material out on my kitchen table.  Notice that I did not even iron the material.  This is a really durable, heavy material.  I drew the outline of the box bottom and then laid the box on it's side and drew those lines.  I then cut the material out leaving an inch or so on each side.

Step 2:  Go outside where it's 90 degrees in the hot sun!  Cover your table with newspapers - you don't want glue on your tabletop.  I sprayed the glue on the bottom on the box and spread the fabric out making sure to get out all the wrinkles.  You continue doing this all the way around your box.  Wrap it like a present and don't be afraid of getting a LOT little glue on your hands.  BTW, hand sanitizer works really well in getting the glue off your finger tips.  I assume it's the alcohol content in the sanitizer. 

Step 3:  There you have it!  All ready to be used.  I did put a piece in the very bottom of the box because I thought it would look nice.  
Step 4:  Fill with Wii games, listen to praise from your family at how clever and talented you are, and enjoy your box.  If your family does not praise you, pat yourself on the back and say all those nice things!  That's what I did!!

I don't expect the box to last forever.  But, since I have a whole $3 invested in it, it had better last at least a little while!  I suppose I could glitz it up with trim and wooden feet and I might still yet.  I haven't decided.  For right now, it's fine.

I am linking to my friend, Heidi's, Make Do and Mend.




  1. That is a super good idea. I love it. It would also be a great box for books waiting to be read. Great job and good explanation on how to.

  2. Great idea and what a wonderful way to make anything coordinate. I love this as it would work on any size box too. Glad to have you join in with the Make do and Mend Monday. Warning: it is addictive to start seeing what you can make do in your home. :-)

    Hugs from Holland ~

  3. Cute idea Susan!

    Linda in VA

  4. It looks great and serves its purpose beautifully. Great job! :)

  5. turned out the fabric

  6. That is actually a really great idea, Im gonna steal it :)


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