Saturday, January 1, 2011

Felt Monogrammed Ornaments

My goal this year to make more ornaments. These are the first ornaments that I have made for 2011. They are monogrammed felt ornaments. I think they are cute. I used black and red for Nikolai since those are the colors for Univ of Ga (his favorite college.) Deniska's is in orange and white (for Clemson Univ.) and mine and Dennis' are just in Christmas colors.

Click here for the tutorial. The only change I made from the tutorial is that I printed out my letters and traced them onto freezer paper. Then I cut them out of freezer paper and ironed them on to the felt so I could cut them from the felt. I did not have a marking pen. This method worked well for me.

I also made a "C" for our last name. These are very easy and quick. I might even make these for my annual ornament exchange for next year!


  1. Susan - I love these! I think Bradley will get some for his tree next year since he can handle them without breaking. :o)

  2. Tammy and I are on the same wave length. I have little pink tree that Nina wants to put in Elizabeth's room next year, and of course we want safe ornamants. I am thinking initials or simple Christmas shapes would look cute on these.
    So glad you shared them!

  3. Happy new year!

    Happy blogoversary :)

  4. Great monogrammed ornaments, I love monograms, too.
    Hugs, Cindy

  5. Handmade cannot be beat. Cute idea to use the school colors too. Very nice idea.

  6. Oh, Susan - you HAVE been busy!!!
    These last few posts are full of your lovely handiwork; I cannot comprehend how you find the time, given your workload. I especially love the pillows and night light! You remind me of my †Mom (not in age, but in creativity) - she would always give tasteful and clever ideas of what to make! Since she went on to The Lord, I no longer have her guidance. You, like her, are gifted with creativity and seeking out how to make such lovely things. God given talents! Bless you.

  7. Soooo cute! You are really rolling out the ornaments.

    Hugs from Holland ~


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