Saturday, January 29, 2011

Winter Bird

I picked up my framed bird this morning from my local framing shop.  I hung him in my kitchen above my sink.  I also noticed, as soon as I was about to pay for it, that I had messed up on the tail feathers.  Looks like I forgot to skip a line.  *sigh*  It was only after I started doing cross stitching that I realized I could not count!  I must have missed that day at school!!  Oh well, I love my quirky little bird.  He will be fine for the winter months and he still makes me smile when I look at him.  


  1. This is lovely. Seeing all of your cross stitching has gotten me started back on my Christmas project. Maybe I will actually finish it this year.

    On making a mistake, it is usually only the stitcher who can ever see it. I admit that it frustrates me, but your finished project is perfect as it is.

  2. Love these birds!!!! Very cute finish and just think that you made it your "own"....there are no mistakes in stitching!

  3. I love it Susan! It is not a mistake but a personal And enjoy winter...

    Do you have spring to replace it when winter is past?

    Hugs from Holland ~

  4. It looks adorable Susan!



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