Friday, June 15, 2012

It flew off the handle!

Once I made my lanyards, I did not have any place to hang them.  I didn't think the door knob to my closet would work too well (especially since I already have a purse or 2 hanging on it  but that is another post!)

So, I started thinking....always a dangerous thing for me to do!

I remembered seeing this idea in blog land and on Pinterest and I thought I could make that happen!

So, I gathered my tape measure, my rake, and a hanger.


A few minutes of my time and there you go - a wonderful way to hang my lanyards and my few necklaces. 

(I don't own a lot of necklaces.  I have one that I wear all the time and that's about it.  Plus, I am always tearing the ones I have apart to use in craft projects!)

You know, my walls look white in these pictures, it is really a soft yellow.  Go figure.

The rake belonged to my daddy.  It's one of the few things that I have of his and it always brings a smile to my face.  He had a love for farming and gardening.  Since he has been gone since 1991, I didn't think he would mind me hanging this up in my home.  

(I can hear him and Mama laughing about it in Heaven right now!  
I can just hear him say, "That girl!")

The rake was already off the handle....honest!!!  
(Disclaimer:  no garden rakes were injured during this task.)

I didn't want to add anything to it or paint it because I like it just as it is...old and worn. 

It's a good thing!


  1. I've always liked this idea, and it looks great with your lanyards. Especially meaningful since it was your dad's rake, too.

  2. What a cute idea! And what a great way to remember and honor your dad. I think he is smiling down from heaven!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  3. I've seen this idea on Pinterest, and I thought it was a good one. But it's even better because the rake belonged to your father. What a great way to organize your lanyards and necklaces. By the way, those lanyards are really cute. So glad I don't have to wear one now!!!

  4. Oh what a wonderful idea, I love it. You are one very clever girl to think of this idea. Do you use your lanyards a lot? Your Dad would be so proud of you.


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