Tuesday, July 17, 2012

On the TABLE!!

 I finished my table runner that I have been working on!

Really it's the second table runner I started.  
(The first one is still waiting on me.)

I have lots of jeans that the boys cannot wear any longer.

I knew it was time to either do something with them or donate them.

My first thought was to make a blanket.  

But, I decided I would start with something simple first!

While surfing the web, I ran across this tutorial located here.

So, I cut my circles and used a charm pack to select my fabric.

It only took me a couple of days.  

I could have done it in one day if my family members would have quit interrupting me seeking advice from me!

 The nicest thing about this is that when N saw me using his jeans, he smiled from ear to ear and mention it to me. 

Since he is one not to express his thoughts or emotions, that was a huge step.

Of course, he also said it would make a "wicked scarf" or a cape!  

Back to the jeans, I did donate all the ones that were still in good condition.  I only kept the ones beyond repair.  

On the back, I used a variegated thread.  

I thought it would add more interest!

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  1. Great job Susan!!! Isn't this technique so much fun? We did something like this with Christmas fabrics a number of years ago in the quilt group. Only difference with regular fabric is you sew two circles right sides together and then make a slit where the flap will cover it and turn the circles. Iron to make them nice and flat and then sew together as you did. They are great though with jeans! I never have old jeans as Jos uses his to the point that they are rags. :-)

    That is great how Nikolai reacted to you using his. He is really making huge steps lately by the sounds of it.

    Your basket with the bowl fillers looks just perfect on the table with the runner.

    Hugs from Holland,

  2. Great job, Susan! They are sort of addicting once you start making them. Thanks for the link and thanks for dropping by my blog! I love to see what people make! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Oh and BTW, the variegated thread was BRILLIANT!

  4. Hi Susan
    your table runner is so pretty! and it is made just like the quilt I made a few years ago. You were smart to do a table runner. That quilt was so heavy, it was too hard to work on as it got big.

  5. So pretty. I love the idea to upcycle the wrecked jeans like this. I've always wanted to do a blankett, too. Wish i was a better sewer,

  6. Your are so clever. That is really a nice table runner and I love using
    jean fabric. Very well done.

  7. How adorable, make one for the boys dresser maybe they would keep it clean since N thought it was neat with his jeans.. LOL Wishful thinking I bet

  8. Your runner is great! What a fabulous use of old jeans. So nice that your son is pleased with it.
    Hugs, Cindy

  9. What a great table runner - and an innovative use of old jeans!! Well done! J9 x

  10. Love this...what a great job you did on it.
    ox bj

  11. This runner is gorgeous, Susan. You are one talented woman!


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