Monday, July 2, 2012

Let There Be Light - Cute light that is!

I love milk glass items and lamps.

I saw this sweet little lamp in a consignment store on a back shelf covered in dust.

This lamp was probably produced in the 1950's.

I couldn't leave her there, so I brought her home with me.
(My sweet husband could not believe I would spend money on her!!)

At first, she didn't want to light up.... 


So, I took apart the top and discovered one of her wires had come loose.

I tightened it up and she works very well.  
She just needed a little TLC!

I put her on my kitchen counter since I needed extra light in there and I don't like to use the overhead lights because it heats up the room.  And, who needs extra heat when it is 107 outside?!!!
 I still thought she was missing something.

So, I got out my glue gun and trim - more on that later.

I also wanted to hide her cord - it was not very pretty to look at and much too long for the counter.

 I made a cord cozy for her.  

I took a piece of cloth 4 inches wide (twice as long as I needed so it would ruffle).  

I sewed it up, turned it inside out and put it on the cord. 

I also tied the cord with yarn to make the cord shorter. 

And, here she is!  

Trim on her lampshade and a nice cozy for her cord! 

She is very happy right now!!

Thanks for dropping by!!


  1. We use to collect milk glass for Shannon some, and she had one of those lamps, with a white on white poka swiss dot lamp shade

  2. I love the cord cozy, that is a very clever idea.

  3. just too cute! love the ball fringe on the shade.
    I am a sucker for milk glass too.

    Good job.

  4. What a beautiful lamp, Susan! Love the changes you made to dress her up! I think I'll have to borrow your idea of making a cord cover. The little milk glass lamp in the craft room is begging for some more pretty fabric. :)

    Take care,

  5. Now that little lamp is just too dog gone cute! You really brought it back to life, in style!

  6. OK, that is the cutest lamp! I love it. And a cord cover?? How clever is that? I don't sew, so I think that is just about the neatest thing I've ever seen. I think you need to pay me a visit and make me some cord covers and while you're at it, some curtains for my living room and guest room, lol.

  7. so cute i love white milk glass awesome find

  8. Hi Susan,

    Such a pretty lamp! How creative and crafty and cute!

    Poppy :)


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