Friday, June 8, 2012

Year End Teacher Gifts

 Every year I struggle with year-end teacher gifts.  This year, my friend Linda, suggested that I give them some of my knitted spa cloths (aka dish cloths) with a bar of soap.  This really appealed to me since it gave me a chance to knit!  She knows I love to knit spa/dish cloths!

I found this Chocomania Soap online at The Body Shop!  I thought it was perfect for a year end gift. This may just be the new year end gift for every teacher for the years to come.

I tied the spa cloths and soap in a bundle with raffia and wrapped them in a paper bag with a doily.  It was a quick wrap and I thought was cute.  I should have added a raffia bow on the bags but by this time I was tired!  Did I mention I did this the night before the last day of school?!

The last thing I did was attach a poem to the gifts:

‘Twas the last day of school with much left to do,
But I have to take time to say a thank you to you.

Thank you does not seem like near enough
And I know that you have too much ‘teacher stuff’.

So I knitted you these spa cloths and added some soap too,
In  hopes that you can pamper yourself and bid troubles adieu.

But if you are too busy tending to your family's wishes,
These work equally well to use on your dishes!

I hope that your summer is sunny and bright,
And that you take time to rest each and every night.

The boys were happy to have you this year,
We think you’re the best, and that is sincere!

I hope you enjoyed reading about this gift of love to the boys' teachers!

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  1. What a great gift to receive! I love everything about it from the handmade clothes to the way you wrapped them. I was making small square crochet clothes to do something similar for my friend Bep. They are much smaller than what you made so now I am wondering if I should do bigger?

    Great job!

    Hugs from Holland ~

    1. Heidi - these measure about 8.5/9 inches (23 cm) square. I like the size - not too big or small.

  2. These turned out so lovely Susan! And your poem - I truly enjoyed it!! They are very lucky teachers to be receiving these!!

    Linda in VA

  3. What a thoughtful person you are. The gifts are wonderful and more important very useful. I love the soap added to your handmade gift. Great.

  4. Beautiful gifts! I think the teachers will be so pleased with them - especially since they are handmade. Love your little poem too!

  5. hello
    beautiful gifts!!! i love the handmade dish clothes........great idea!!
    nice blog!
    have a wonderful day,
    greetings from germany,


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